The Nanodualix Nanopore DNA Sequencer (NDX NDS)

The ultimate goal of the NDX nanopore DNA sequencer is to achieve barcode detection of nitrogenous bases on ssDNA with quasi-2D solid-state nanopores.

DNA sequencer is one of the most critical equipment for carving out the future of biotechnology and human well-being. The current sequencing technology, requiring powerful analyzing software with heavy processing hardwares, is inadequate for efficient DNA sequencing due to the enormously huge size of information contained in the human genome.

Our aim is to develop a next generation DNA sequencer, Nanodualix nanopore DNA Sequencer (NDX NDS), which reads the full length of DNA in a processive and non-stop manner. Instead of biomembrane, solid-state nanopore is used to read the sequence, which allows us to mass produce the product in a time and cost-efficient way. NNFC, the cutting-edge nanofabrication facility in South Korea, has been our long-standing partner in this endeavor.

Based on our outstanding research experiences and academic knowledges in nanofabrication and bioengineering, we believe our product, NDX NDS, will lead the future market of DNA sequencing industry and pave the way to the bright future of bio-nanotechnology and human well-being.