The NDX Molecular Detection Device

Nanodualix provides a resistive pulse sensing platform that is truly optimized for single molecule detection.

  • Molecular Detection Device (MoDD)

Nanopore sensors generate minute ionic current signals when molecules, such as DNA, RNA, and proteins, are captured into the nanopore by electrophoresis. They are, thus, essential to precisely monitor the molecules’ translocation in real-time. Nanodualix provides a sensing platform solution that is truly optimized for nanopore applications. The platform technology is composed of two parts: (1) hardware to precisely detect ionic current-signature signals from the nanopore sensor, and (2) software to display and analyze the molecular signals in real-time on a PC or a smartphone.

The NDX MoDD enables to use recapturing of molecules to achieve single molecule measurements and investigate molecules based on their structural properties. Instead of a manual manipulation of voltage for recapturing, an automated computer-controlled system is provided to achieve a high-throughput single molecule analysis. Recapturing mode can trap DNA and protein and recapturing of a single molecule up to 1000 times can be demonstrated. The NDX MoDD includes a feedback control system that is programmed to detect translocation of a single molecule and immediately reverse and modulate the magnitude of the voltage to bring the molecule back into the pore in reverse direction. An alternating voltage, then, allows a series of measurements at varied applied voltages for a single molecule.