The Proud Member of Our Advisory Board

The NDX advisory board provides scientific, technical and technological advice to the development of innovative nanopore technologies.

Joshua Edel Ph.D.


Dr. Joshua Edel is a Professor of Biosensing & Analytical Sciences at Imperial College London. His research group has been working on single molecule biological screening using electrical and optical methods, early stage diagnostics including cancer and neurodegenerative disorders, single cell screening, and development of novel DNA sequencing and nanopore platforms.

MinJun Kim Ph.D.

Mechanical Engineer

Dr. MinJun Kim is the Robert C. Womack Endowed Chair Professor at Southern Methodist University. He has been developing new approaches to fabricate solid-state nanopores using 2D materials for in-depth understanding of DNA dynamics and protein-protein interactions as well as analyze membrane deformability of soft nanoparticles.

Prashanta Dutta Ph.D.

Mechanical Engineer

Dr. Prashant Dutta is a Professor of the School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering at Washington State University. His research group has been investigating microfluidics and nanofluidics, transport modeling for thermal, chemical and biological systems, multiscale modeling and simulation of protein-protein interactions, and drug delivery and discovery.

Kwangbom Choi Ph.D.

Computer Scientist

Dr. Kwangbom “KB” Choi at the Jackson Labloratory is a computer scientist, biostastician, and computational biologist. His expertise includes designing statistical models and machine learning algorithms that characterize the genomic landscape underlying complex traits from next generation sequencing and single-cell technologies.

Kevin Freedman Ph.D.

Biomedical Engineer

Dr. Kevin Freedman is an assistant professor of Bioengineering Department at UC Riverside. His research group is focused on developing and characterizing micro and nanotechnology for studying unexplored biological systems and pathways, single cells, molecular biophysics, and kinetics.

Yury Gogotsi Ph.D.

Materials Scientist

Dr. Yury Gogotsi is the Distinguished University and Charles T. and Ruth M. Bach Professor at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering in Drexel University. Ongoing research in his group is focused on the fundamental and applied aspects of synthesis and characterization of carbon nanomaterials, ceramic nanoparticles, and composites. Dr. Gogotsi develops and studies new nanomaterials and works closely with industry with the goal to significantly decrease the time from discovery to commercial application of new materials.

Tim Albrecht Ph.D.


Dr. Albrecht is a Professor and Chair in Physical Chemistry of the School of Chemistry at the University of Birmingham. Prior to joining the University, he was Reader in Interfacial and Analytical Sciences at Imperial College. His research interests revolve around charged interfaces and charge transport at the nanoscale and in electrochemical environments.