About Nanodualix

Nanodualix Inc. is a revolutionary nanopore technology company that has the potential to drastically change the way we look at single molecule and single cell testing.

Finding Nano!

Innovation Turns Imagination Into Reality

Nanodualix Inc. has been founded to understand the fundamental scientific principles that govern the assembly and operation of multi-functionalized solid-state nanopore systems, as well as to demonstrate enabling technologies necessary to drastically improve performance criteria of single-molecule and single-cell analysis methods in a high-throughput manner. Systems utilizing single-molecule analysis are continuously improving our understanding of biological macromolecules and envisioned to be the next paradigm of genome sequencing technology. Single molecule sensing techniques are able to yield critically important information about molecular properties and functions for an analyte even when it is present among a highly complex and heterogeneous molecular population. However, achieving acceptable resolution, signal-to-noise ratio, reliability and cost effective manufacturing are major challenges for all such platforms. We will bring about a novel bionano analytical platform that can be used to capture comprehensive genetic data with high spatial and temporal resolution. Our mission is to make single-molecule and single cell testing easier and more affordable and allow for universal genetic information. We can apply our technologies towards the diagnosis of cancer, infectious diseases, prenatal disorders, matching patients with compatible drugs, and next generation DNA sequencing